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SP020 Bakelite Three Way

Technical data:

Bakelite, mechanical strength is high, abrasionproof and flame retardant paint, insulation property is goodbut brittleness.  Working Termperature:- 35 to 125, short time is 140. 
Brass, screw is Iron plated zinc.
Voltage: 250 - 450V 
Color: Black color as standard

胶木,也称电木,机械强度高,坚硬耐磨,性能稳定,耐燃、吸湿性低,绝缘性能佳, 但性脆。工作温度: :- 35 到 125, 瞬时可达140. 
黄铜, 螺丝铁质表面镀锌 
适用电压范围: 250 - 450V 
颜色: 黑